May 14, 2022
Lucky Filip Lundell is living up to a well-worn golf cliché at the Beautiful Thailand Swing
When Filip Lundell was violently fish-tailed off his rented motor scooter three days ago, he regained his feet in a relative instant and figured he'd been the pilot in a very lucky escape.
A glance at his shocked pillion passenger and his own suddenly bloodied and stinging hands quickly told another story.
The very connection between the tools of his trade, a set of fancy PXG golf clubs, and short-term financial success were a mess. So too was his right elbow, left forearm and right knee. Shock set in even before he realised his grip on his Asian Development Tour (ADT) and MENA Tours dream was, quite literally, battered and bruised.
"I was kinda in shock, actually, how it happened, everything went so quick,” Lundell said rewinding to the crash. 
“I was straight up and I was like, I’m alright and then I look at both of my hands and there was a bit of blood on them and I was like, wow, a bit in shock."
Fast-forward two days, a quick medical centre patch-up job, a longer hospital visit and plenty of painkillers and antibiotics besides and the 26-year-old miraculously finds himself in contention at the Blue Canyon Classic. 
Lundell will start the final round of the Beautiful Thailand Swing event on Sunday just a shot adrift of Thai teen Denwit Boriboonsub on the Lakes course at fabled Blue Canyon Country Club. Perhaps, just maybe, the well-worn cliché warning peers to be "wary the injured golfer" might have a fairytale ending in Phuket. 
Lundell added a gritty 67 Saturday to his gutsy opening 66, some feat in the steamy Phuket conditions which soaked his swathe of bandages in sweat. In the opening round, the protection started to come away, necessitating a mid-round re-dressing courtesy of the helpful Blue Canyon staff. And even today his palms in particular were still tender and saw him reel away from several shots in genuine pain. 
But given the COVID-19 pandemic, which put his career on ice for the best part of two years, Lundell decided to make his tee time on Friday and take it from there. It’s safe to say it’s turned out well so far for the Swedish pro who splits his time between Falsterbo and Phoenix, Arizona.   
"I just did my best [in the opening round], I just had to fight through it and I mean, the painkillers are doing their job as well, so happy about that,” he said. 
"Obviously I’m here to compete, trying to do my best and within a few days hopefully I can take these off and play normal again.”
But that is for later. More immediately, Lundell has a shot at an unlikely ADT/MENA Tour breakthrough.
“I shot a nice little 67 today. It’s a good start so far I think and despite the circumstances, I’ll take it. It’s not what I planned out but I’m really happy about the round and looking forward to tomorrow,” he said.
“At the moment I’m nine-under-par which is really nice. I’m really looking forward to probably striking it a little better and maybe making a few more puts. I just want to be in contention coming in down the final nine holes. Take it as it comes and yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”
Lundell insists he’s not a leaderboard watcher which won’t be a problem tomorrow given there is no live scoring. He’ll just have to rely on going low and seeing where he ends up. What is guaranteed is that he’ll be taking the bus home, with or without the trophy.